ADOPTED - on my way to Maine!


I am dizzy with happiness!  I am only a pup, under a year old, and I escaped an early end by my fluffy hair!  A rescuer saw me scurrying about in a large group of dogs in an outdoor "overflow" kennel run and had me scooped up by the shelter staff.  Of course I was a little scared first. After driving for 2 days while being comforted by a lot of dog lovers, I came to this here foster home. It actually did not take more than 12 hours and my fluffy tail was up in the air like a flag!

My coat is rough and tweedy, and I carry pretty much all colors that dogs can have, universal  color scheme.  I look like I have a Keeshond in the family!  Maybe a small collie. like a Sheltie? Personality all collie, never venturing more than a few feet from the person who walks with me, and circling around that cool chow Jagger when we play. House training is a natural for me. I love all other dogs!  I might be "agility material" - or therapy dog!  

I am a delicate petite dog, not more than 25 lbs, maybe I will grow a little, but not more than 5 lbs. Except if I end up eating that commercial dog food  and become chubby like so many of us dogs.  If not worse -like shutting down our kidneys.  I am not a fussy eater, eat apples, carrots and of course simple home made food once a day like all the dogs here. 

I am not into things like toys. I amuse myself by watching what is going on around me and joining any fun that takes place. I like my crate where I sleep at night. During the day I have  the run of the place already!!

I had the fix done and now you can take me home!

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No, not skunk

Frou Frou Skirt!







Thank you Jen for springing me from the shelter!