Look for me on hiking paths high up in the Shawgunk Mountains!

O' Henry -  Oh  - Henry is my new name. I am as Terrier as they come: spunky, affectionate, funny, and of course if I may say myself smart.  In order to own me you don't have to be a masochist,though, because I am not much of a contrarian. I am actually docile and don't mind being the underdog.  Although I was a Brooklyn Stray you can tell that I was treated well by my previous owner.
I just hope my next home will be a forever home, so I can grow up in peace. I am about 6 months old,  have now been fixed and I am all up to snuff on my shots of course. 28 lbs. I walk a decent walk, I am quiet in my crate  and keep it neat. I love other dogs, and can play for hours if needed. I don't dig and I don't jump up into the air like some of the Working Terriers -Jacks and FT's do.  I am more of a Salon Terrier and  would not mind to be a Couch Terrier, but will settle for my LL Bean dog bed. or even for one that comes from Walmart.
Come take me for a walk and you will see that dogs don't come any better!
Also, I can think of a lot of better names for me, such as Cinnamon -but they don;t like food names for dogs here. Or Rudi! (had several here already) or Mordecai or Mackenzie.  Could you call me Mackenzie?
Please also send an adoption application