NJ Assembly Bill 2906: "Responsible Pit Bull Ownership Licensing Act"

After getting married and buying a place of our own in early 2002, my husband Phil and I decided it was finally time to find our dog.  I knew he or she was out there just waiting for us and I poured over the
listings in Petfinder for hours on end.  Then I saw her - "Lotus", a small, very smart-looking pitbull terrier. 
I immediately sent the listing to my husband and we decided to contact her rescuer.  After hearing all about her past - she was found as a stray in NYC and taken to the CACC where the CLAWS rescuer found her.  She was not looking for a pitbull, but something about this dog captured her.  Intelligent, affectionate, obedient, and ADORABLE, she was obviously something special. 

We visited them at the rescuer's house, fell in love and brought her to her "forever" home.  She has proven to be an amazing dog, well-mannered and learning new tricks all the time.  She even allows us to dress her up in costumes for Halloween and Christmas and she loves the attention. Almost all white, with a big brown spot on her head and "freckles" on her ears, she has a lot of admirers.  She makes friends with everyone she meets, old and young, and they all comment on her friendly face and the non-stop full-body-wagging.  We are trying to be "breed ambassadors" and make an example in public that pitbulls are not monsters, in fact, they are intelligent, friendly and they LOVE people.

She is a part of our family just like anyone else and we can't imagine life without her.  I tell everyone about Petfinder and the wonderful CLAWS organization when they inevitably ask where I found such a great dog.  With so many pets that need homes, I make a point to tell people that adoption is the best way to find that special 4-legged someone. Please check out the "crazy" Daisy page below- and the page I made:  http://www.sitesculptors.com/daisysnow/index.htm
Thanks you for all your wonderful work and for helping to bring us together!!

Happy Days for DAISY  aka Oogle  aka Lotus




Lotus has all the good qualities of her breed: