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His name is now O'Malley. He is a true gentleman dog, and enjoys walks along the lake, paying special attention to the many ducks and other waterfowl. So maybe his grandfather was a wirehaired pointing griffon after all.

Going Home



  Oreo is in foster care in Upstate New York 

A few weeks ago my owner brought me back to this fosterhome.  After some 5 years that I shared with my buddy Shamrock I had to go because of a planned remarriage and the new family did not want me. It did not take me long to unpack and make friends with the pack here. I am an easy going dog, happy to get a square meal or two to fill in my ribs, getted brushed and a little fussed about after having spent much time in a Brooklyn backyard. I am not a youngster, getting close to 10 years, but besides the fact that I am not hyperactive and do not mind snoozing for an hour here and there, you would never know. I walk well on leash, and I am housetrained. I am quite healthy, no trouble with the eyes or teeth or joints, so I could be a low maintenance dog for a few more wonderful years with you!


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