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Going Home!


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Apollo  is in foster care in Upstate New York

BTW: I am getting some feedack about my very adult and mature "people" name Paul. So I have agreed to a slightly different one. APOLLO! Don't laugh. Because there is something about the sound in both names that seems to ring a bell with me! Does not sound like "Buster," my old name. has to be memory of some other name I might have had at some time. Anyway, I will come when called Paul and I will come when called Apollo. Call me!

I have started a new life, because my family, after 9+ years, took me to a shelter where no dog ever sees the light again.. They said I cry too much! The kids all cried when they left. I was to be put into a gaschamber together with several other dogs, and then taken to the dump nearby. But my fate changed when a North Carolina rescuer walked in and quickly bailed me out. Then I stayed in a fosterhome for a few days, and had a visit and a haircut and some kind of "fix" at the vet's, tested negative for heartworm, and then I was taken on a 7 hour drive , and then I changed cars and finally I arrived in this here fosterhome in the middle of the night. 
I am so happy! I am NEVER heard whining or crying. I am actually one of the most reasonable and well behaved dogs here. Completely housetrained, LOVE other dog, and after a bit of romping indoors - outside it's just too cold for more than the routine stuff - I am asking to be lifted up into my cozy crate. I feel like I am in heaven! Have a new name,too Paul, not Buster like my old name was. I am tiny, just a handful of dog, I guess not more than 6 or 7 pounds.  However I have the smarts and attitude of  KINGSIZED poodle! I mingle with the big dogs here like a good team player. I announce clearly when I need to go outside and come back inside, and that is all you ever hear from me. 
So, even if I have lived for a few years already, I am robust enough to go for another few years in good health, as long as I get a good diet, not too many "annual shots"  and enough exercise.

Do you have a spot in your home and your heart for a tiny kingsized poddle person?


If you do, please send an adoption application!

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