His Royal Happyness King Quigley

Quigley had a hair cut!


Quigley and his new family are VERY happy...he loves to play with toys and walks wonderful on the leash...no accidents thus far.
I hope you are not upset BUT tomorrow he has an appointment to be groomed...just a shampoo and unload some of the stray curls.(not touching his face or head)...He does love to eat! 


Someone who likes to  laugh a lot must have designed this little 10 lb fellow - from a wide range of spare parts:
- Jack Russel Terrier : the "Crown" and the rough coat. Does not know a bad mood.
- Peke - lips and nose and Imperial Wizard personality
- Chihuahuahuaha - the ears
2-3 years old, "found" in the Bronx NYC
His only problem: He has become so attached to his fosterhome in a short time, it is almost impossible to convince him to even consider
being held or god-fobid walked on a leash by a "stranger".  He cringes and refuses as if it was a matter of life and death.
However anyone in his fosterhome is his best friend, he is not attached to any particular person.
He loves other dogs. And he actually loves his crate, which he  keeps immaculatedly clean., while general house training is lagging, but has improved much.
He does not mind being alone. And he actually loves his crate, which he  keeps immaculatedly clean.
Quickly is healthy. up to snuff on immunization, neutered, on HW prevention.

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Email: Quigley@webexchange.net
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