I was just all "nerves"for the first few weeks after being saved from an early death in a South Carolina pound.  Pityful, really, I screamed when someone as much as touched me. You can imagine how I had been treated in the first few years of my life.. I have a cropped tail, and look like a purebred Feist. Common breed down South, used for treeing squirrels so the  - hunters can shoot them. Except I think I was used for producing litter after litter. And then thrown away when no longer needed because enough of my daughters were "breeders". So you better believe I still sometimes feel life here cannot be for good, something will happen and I go back living in a back yard.  But it more and more looks like it is real! I would love to stay here forever. But I know I must make room for other dogs like me, and move on to my for ever home. I think I am ready..

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Oh yes, forgot the statistics: estimated age 3-4 years. exactly 25 lbs at the vet's. Tested positive for heart worm infection, will need to be on monthly Ivermectin for 2 years. Why no injections: Please read what "The Old Country Vet" has to say about it. He is not the only vet who does.

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We rarely if ever place our foster dogs into families with FULLTIME children under 6.  Even the most dog experienced parents of respectful small children may become concerned when a dog  growls in the presence of a child and will prefer to remove a potential risk. Because all of our foster dogs are "second hand" dogs,  experience has taught us not to take any chances.  Why not label them with the "no children" sign on the Petfinder database?  Because even potential adopters without small children may associate the "red flag"   with a "bite history"  They may not even have a look at a dog who could be a good match for them.

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