Because they could not decide on a name for me they calling me Rat0403. For now.  Guess because I am a Rat Terrier, and I came here in the 4th months of the year 2003.
I was rescued last minute from a Georgia shelter where I had a slim to no chance of getting adopted.  Too many puppies.  Not enough good homes.  And I don;t even want to think about how my end would have been, coughing and crying and scratching on the walls of a dark metal box filled with Carbon Monoxyde. The pound where I ended up still can use these gas chambers. And then dump our limp bodies onto the public dump. 
Yes, it still happens every day, the further South you go , the more it happenes, and some people think it beats being shot like they do in some places.
I am as sweet and affectionate as they come. I will jump right into your lap!  I get along with every dog!  Of course like all Rat Terriers I am smart and Agility Material. Not sure I would go after underground prey though.

I have had a fix, I am heartworm negative and  had all my vaccinations.

I am small, weigh only 15 lbs. My age? About 2 years young, just over puppyhood.

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