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 I am called Reilly - new name, and although I am a  girl - that name really fits! 

Nothing much known about my past.  I was saved from an early end in a South Carolina pound.  I love most of the the more laid back dogs in this here foster home. I myself am more of an outgoing, in-your-face , enthusiastic type. I am loyal, affectionate and very devoted once I feel someone has my number, is in charge and cares! I know how to "heel" , " sit" , even "stay" a bit, but my natural walk is circular rather than straight.  Smart and a quick study, if I may say so myself.

I am probably too enthusiastic for children under 10, although I am  a "work in progress" and will soon learn not to jump.

I did not grow up with cats probably,  they are an enigma, and I think they would prefer not to coexist with a big in-your-face pup like me. But I do not hunt them, just maybe try to herd cats, and cannot be done!

My breed is mostly Border Collie. 56 lbs. Under 2 years old, past the dizzy puppy stage. But still have that puppy curiosity and enthusiasm.     

Trust worthy in the house, and don't mind sleeping in a crate if I have to, although really - I am not going to upset anything!  Not into things at all, more interested in watching people and other dogs! 

Look at me, and maybe you could see me being YOUR dog!

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If you are wondering yes, I have been fixed, and no, I don't have any heart worms!


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