Just wanted to update you on Reilly.  He went to the vet tonight. 
PERFECT!!!  But we knew that anyway..........
We had to give him a birthday, so we selected Halloween 2001.  The vet said
he is about 1.
He sits on command and gives kisses..lots of kisses.  Tonight we mastered
fetching the ball and bringing it back with "come"
He just loves that.
I am working on shaking hands when he sits but that look like it will take
But he seems happy and content.  and he is spoiled rotten.  He has a toy
box and lots of squeaky toys.
He is a good boy


I am a bundle! A piece of work! But I cannot help it! I was born to be a herding dog. Round and round, love to move around. What I really love is a furry toy,though. I will carry my plush toy in my mouth and take it with me everywhere. Until it is desqueeked. Then I divide it into several pieces so the other dogs can have some,too. I think I am a Collie. That explains my need to run in circles. I am only a year old, and I will be a puppy to the last minute of official puppyhood which stops at the age of 18 months.  Still 6 good months ahead before I have to appear to be an adult dog.  I am just worried I might not get adopted while I am still in this puppy condition. Would not want to spend months at this here terrier boot camp.  Could you please get me out of this place!  And take me to dog school?  And let me run and play in your fenced back yard?  Would you?  Please!  Here is my email: