So why would anybody go out of their way to save a 7 year  old dog like Riley?  Riley is a captivating dog, so very intelligent that you can see him talk.  With his eyes, and he laughs.   He was rescued from a high kill shelter in the South.  He is a happy survivor. enjoys the life he has, has settled to be without a family of his own, but you can tell that he would thrive even more were he again a devoted family pet.
Riley loves every living creature. He is quiet, patient, undemanding. Perfectly house trained. Calm on the leash, playful but dignified when  romping around outdoor and enjoying the outdoors.
What breed? His GA rescuer thought he is a Keeshond mix. He also resembles an Aussie because of his intelligent, expressive eyes and coloring.
He patiently waits for his person(s) to discover him here in cyberspace. There is a person for every dog, and a dog for every person.

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