Time Out on Earth for Sweet Roc as he has joined Bogieand the many dogs who over the years shared their lives with Jean and Gramer .

THANK YOU Jean and Gramer for driving all the way to his  NY foster home and bring him to your home in Cortez, Florida, a dog lifetime ago.  From a sad and confused dog who had been dumped at a city shelter - because of the arrival of a new baby - to a long life of being loved by all who knew him. Although he was pampered, he was never spoiled but remained the humble and grateful pup.
Like Bogie, he was intrigued by those big birds he saw during his walks along the water!  Unlike Bogie he would have chased them had he been able to grow wings! Now that he has slipped out of his body he can!



Watching Animal Precinct after a long day of Play