Forget everything you ever heard about Chows! If I may say so myself, I am a real "Doll" - I am just repeating what I have been told, more than once .

I love other dogs, even when a feisty little dog tries to pull my leg, I just grumble like a good natured Grampa and get out of the way. 

I am not a youngster as you can tell.  My eyes are not as bright as they used to be.  I still run fast for a little while when I first go outside, but mostly I have a dignified pace. I love to sit on the porch and watch the neighborhood.

I am in all round good health, had that fix a long time ago. Love to eat, anything, including veggies and apples.

The story is that my owners took me to the crowded shelter when they moved away. My coat was one big ball of fur all matted. Much of it has grown out now, and I am waiting for the weather to turn warm so I can get the summer hair cut that is traditional in this place! All but my mane and tail will be silky short!

So, not that I have to leave, but they figure maybe there is a chow lover out there who could use a gentleman like me as a walking companion and good friend!

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At the shelter.  I was depressed. Many people stopped at my kennel and felt sorry for me. Finally, when someone tried to talk to me, I quietly turned around and walked away into the outdoor run. Then, when I had just about given up hope, the warden put me on a leash and I was taken on a walk into the sun. I was so happy! And then, after a while back in my kennel, the warden came again, and this time I climbed into a car. I could see the road and trees and little towns  and mountains moving by the window. After a while I was here, in this here foster home!