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Ear Whisperer



Rudi  is in foster care in Upstate New York

At first blush I may look like a terrier. An oversized fox terrier, because I am actually a quite a large pup, 40 lbs already.  I am calm and very smart if I may say so myself. A Border Collie!  Little off-beat coat, you could not use me to herd cows for sure. Also, little non-standard because I don't constantly herd and walk in circles like some of my border collie relatives just must. I walk a straight line, stroll along quite dignified, pleasure to walk with I hear. I am housetrained already after a week in fostercare. I have my spot outdoors, but I don't lift my leg, so they keep double checking wether I am a male after all.  When meeting adult dogs I bow and bend down in submission, just to be on the safe side. Then I play!.  Cats intrigue me, wag my tail and try to get close, would never hurt one. 

I was a stray, nobody looked for me, so I was lucky to make it up North from a crowded shelter. I am starting to look for my forever home. Think about it!


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