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Rudi  is in foster care in Upstate New York

I was a good family dog, who lost his home after many years when the people wo owned me moved to Florida. I have forgotten by now, and in this here fosterhome I starting to grow roots!  I am so small, I don't take up much space. On top of being small  (with a big head and a big brain in it) - I also have unusually short legs. I am a  "Shortie" JR. Playful, affectionate and calm. Yes, calm! I am past the wild stormy adolescent stage. I can contemplate and study without having to exhaust myself. I do love to take short excursions outdoors, and come back to the door after taking care of business and some investigation of the new territory. I like other dogs a lot, although with big dogs I am rather reserved  and hide between human legs until I know them enough to trust . Trust but verify.  


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