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Rudi is in foster care in Upstate New York

I am Harry's, Duffy's and Bart's brother. All four of us were part of a group of 80+ dogs who lived in squalor with a SC hoarder.  We were not used to people at all and scared. This was back in January, and we have since learned to trust and love people!  I am actually the charmer among us. I roll on my back and I play with the big terrier here until he drops! Same with Bart and Harry. Duffy has already been adopted and we hear he is wonderful!

What breed? Terrier- Poodle. Seems the hoarder fancied  Poodles,Wheaten terriers, Cairn terrier and JR's and we are all mixes of those breeds.

 I just came here from SC 2 weeks ago, with Bart. But already we are looking for our forever home. 

My specs: small, about 20 lbs, white teeth, not much more than a year old. Healthy, hw negative and all.

Please send an application so we can meet! 

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This looks like the big terrier is desqeaking me, but he is gentle with his big mouth.