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I am starting to grow roots here! Which is a good thing for me, because I have never belonged anywhere and I am still jumpy and cannot quite believe I have a safe place in this here foster home. I no longer expect to be treated rudely, like a throw away nuisance.  I was very scared at the shelter in South Carolina where I came from.  

I am an affectionate dog who loves to walk close to a person, and walk in a calm dignified manner. I always keep a close eye on people to make sure they are still there.  When I get walked,  I often put my paws on the person's knees and cling for dear life!  

They  really don't have to worry about me running away. I think if I were at the other side of a fence, I would jump over the fence to get back inside the house. Velcro is my middle name.

I  am very neat and quiet, and like to sit in the back ground and observe rather than rush into action. Actually I have been told that I move and behave more like a cat than a dog. My breed is mysterious:  My coat is a basic golden tan (sheds and needs frequent brushing.  with an unusual pattern of fine blue stripes, maybe I got those from a Blue Heeler relative? With a small yellow lab or a collie, adding the golden tan color. Both are common breeds in South Carolina where I came from.  Another guess is that I am a mix of a Shiba Inu (reddish coat, cat like personality!) and a Yellow Lab!  But where did the blue marble stripes come from?  Oh well, what does it matter, I am a one of a kind dog. An All American Woofster..

Seems there is a misconfiguration in my design, have quite an under bite,  but that does not bother me at all.  It makes me smile! 

 I tested heartworm negative. Of course fixed and up to date on "shots" .  2-3 years old, so what you see is what you get in every sense, looks and personality. I weigh a lean 34 lbs  I have one blue spot on the tip of my tongue.  Maybe I will start a new fashion trend? Many dogs have spots on their tongues-  read about it here    

I am quite happy here, but I really should be looking for a home of my own, so that there will be room for another dog like me who desperately needs to get out of the shelter in South Carolina.

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PS: I hear that I look like a Harry. But there is at least one Harry already here in this foster home, so to avoid confusion I am called Rudi. Should you adopt me though, you can call me Harry!