August 2009



The Good Live!

Going Home!


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and another short clip, this one is online. In case you are wondering, the little dog that I am fussing with has been adopted...



They say I was carried from North Carolina to this Upstate NY foster home by way of whatever was left of hurricane Dolly. But I know better: I got a super ride in a lot of different cars, and spent the night in Delaware! My eyes may look a little pitifully sad, but actually I am a happy dog, or rather pup, outgoing, love to play, calm when I have to stay in my large crate for a few hours. I hear that I grow on people from the moment they see me!

I have no clue as to what breed I am. It appears to be one of those "Spare Part Combo" breeds, definitely though with a wirehaired terrier in the mix! I am on the small side, 24 lbs. A year , maybe less, teeth are porcelain white. No heart worm. Housetrained now, Yes! Hair? No,  I have a coat and do shed a bit. I could make you sneeze, so sory. But on the positive side: I iwill never need a visit to Groomingdales, just a  brushing ever so often.

Even when I am alone on the deck or in the grass on a long lead, I end up playing -just about anything will do, a twig, an old plastic bottle, my leash, I run, throw it in the air and catch it, and roll on my back with pure joy.  I must be one of the happiest dogs here ever...I love other dogs and play endlessly with them. One big herding dog here takes himself very serious it seems , he resents an exuberant happy dog. I am not afraid of him, just try to get a game going, but usually end up getting away because he  just doesn't want to play.  Talk about attitude!  But then maybe it's me, I am so direct, outgoing and clownish, he just doesn't get the idea, for him it's all about herding and work. Maybe he thinks I am a ..Goat?

Could I grow on you?

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My first day here - I only looked sad, but I never really feel sad