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ADOPTED. On the road again, to Massachussetts where he will soon start his new job -as "Assistant to the Director" of a retirement home.  He is a natural for that position! 

I have only been in this fosterhome for a few days and still sorting things out:  Travelled (in great comfort) from Kentucky to NY. changed cars many times, and seems almost everybody in who's car I travelled wanted to adopt me!  I was very happy on that long drive, especially after waiting at the shelter for my family or someone to come and take me home. My person had passed away, and it seems I had no place to go  and went to the shelter  - I was sad. I am still a little sad even now, and hope that I will find a home of my own soon.  

First, I hear, I have to get some kind of FIX though, whassat? Still, wanted to let you know already that I am HERE, and look closely, could I be the dog you have been searching for? I am about 6 years old, and very active when I am outdoors, walk really fast, always on leash! Indoors however I am calm and well behaved. Hardly ever heard of. Friendly with other dogs. Ignore cats.

My name was Fluffy. Although I listen to that name and am fluffy, I am called Rudi here, because I really look like a Rudi!  Nice name, too,  so will see if it sticks.

I am supposedly a  Tibetan Terrier. With a little grooming and TLC I might just look like one.

Could I be your dog?

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PS in case you are wondering about my face: some of the long hair around my eyes and on my nose bridge as trimmed so you can see my hazel eyes!