SANDY - at home.

Makabee now lives in Long Island NY and is doing wonderfully

I am Makabee the 5th! A very enthousiastic dog.  I am looking for an alpha owner.  So I can relax and don't have to be nervous like most of us terriers when nobody is in charge.
I don't know what breed I am, but I do have a beard and a wired coat, which does not grow and become matted and require expensive Groomingdales visits every few weeks.
I am somewhere between one and two years of age. Fixed and healthy. I do like other dogs and play with them enthousiastically.
I love people, know some basic Commands. Someone owned me and trained me. I have decent housemanners, do not beg at the dinner table, so not jump onto furniture, and am housetrained yeah!.  Only problem I have: don't like to be left alone for hours, so I will  let it be known, and if you live in an apartment buidling, you will soon find notes slipped under your door, messages from the door man, and a letter from your land lord.  Guess I have to live in the burbs then.
I don't why I ended up in a shelter, but I did, and I was scared!
Now I am looking for a forever  home! With someone who understands a terrier and knows how to be in charge. Then I can be happy.


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