6th anniversary!


Jan 2012  -Candi and little Burrito, filling the shoes of much missed Cooper...




July 2009 Candi and Cooper


Sandy, now named Candi, was spotted in a  South Carolina Animal Shelter and brought to NY where she was adopted by Paul Goldie,  noted theatrical dog trainer. She joined his current performing star Cooper (a NYC stray who was also adopted from us 7 years ago). Cooper had recently lost two old friends, Bundles and Toto. They had lived with Paul Goldie to ages over 15 years.  Candi felt at home almost immediately and by all accounts she is perfect dog with impeccable house manners, calm, undemanding and smart. She is much loved.  Nobody can understand why she ended up in a shelter where she most likely would have died because of very limited adoption of larger shelter dogs.

Scroll down to see photos of Cooper and Candi at home.

Candi in training for her theater role as Sandy

Her Shelter Photo