Schatzi moved to Vermont, best friend of Badji the Swedish Lapphund - read his story HERE


I love snow! I eat it, roll in it and wash my face with it!
I am not even  a year old and grew up in South Carolina, I have never seen it before.  Sometime late last year I was rounded up by Animal Control and brought to a rural dog pound. My great luck, the shelter director is an animal lover and makes sure that some of us cast off dogs (and cats) are spared an early death. I got a two day chauffeured ride all the way up to this here foster home!
I am a happy little dog, grew a little since I came here. I have a ball playing with the other dogs here!. I still play like a puppy, sometimes rough with  pulling tails and legs, but it's only good natured play, and I don't mind being put on my back either when I am in the minority. 
When it comes to indoor manners, I get high marks: I let it be known when I need to go out, and I keep my large crate very neat, and do not eat my blanket .
I am a quiet dog, no unneeded barking. Listen when called. My only form of protest is rolling on my back when I don't want to go back into my crate just yet. That often works! Of course I understand that "counter surfing" is off he table, so I just stare at you with my most pitifully hungry expression. That does not always work.. 
What breed? Lot of Border Collie, but I am still small, about 25 lbs - and looks I am almost done growing. I might be one of those "Mini Border Collies" - or maybe there is a Black Spitz in my family?
I am getting the "fix"  - and then I will be looking for a home of my own. 
Just letting you know, I am here!!
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