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Going Home!


Schreck  is in foster care in Upstate New York

Flower, Beau, Freckles -- all names I have been called over the past 5 months, ever since I ended up in a shelter in Ohio. Heck  - I listen to any name as long as you look me straight in the eyes and tell me that I am a good dog. When I first meet a stranger, I am polite but cautious. Trust but verify.  But once I know I can trust that person, I show my affection - without being overly emotional though. 

 I have been in this here fosterhome for a while now, so I can be sure I will always be treated well.  I have seen quite a few of them terriers come and go, and I actually have come to like them and watch their antics in amusement.  Although I still don't understand why they have to get so worked up about every little thing. Talk about wasted energy!  I have even become used to the old cats. They are real pros when it comes to dogs and I respect their space and their food. 

Anyways, here I am waiting for my person to finally see me in cyberspace. It's all in the eyes. You will know when you see me that I am the one!  No matter what breed I am - nobody knows for sure, but best guess is a Collie (might even be part Aussie) and a Samoyed (tail!). I am medium in size,about 40 lbs. About 4 years old. Healthy and all.  I love to run, but I don't really want to run away, just explore without spatial restriction. I think I am quite street smart, still I must be on leash here and I understand in many localities  leash laws are in place. So what I really would love is an acre or more fenced in!  Short of that an extra long horse leash with do. 

I have a nice impressive bark, and use it when I hear or see something unusual while I relax on the porch. Just to alert you and show that I am concerned, never to start trouble.

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