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Cody - aka Sebastian, after a visit to Groomingdales!




Sebastian  is in foster care in Upstate New York

Behind this pokerface is a funny dog!  I love everyone, but have decided not to put it on very thick.  Especially in new situations, like when I recently travelled over 800 miles to this fosterhome. Me and my buddy Finley lost our home recently without any fault of our own.

I am a Schnauzer "blend". Can you guess what I am mixed with? Very rough salt and pepper coat that seems to stay at a certain length (and probably is NOT hypoallergenic). Weigh about  25 lbs. Sturdy build. 2-3 years old.  Have to have some fixing done, and then I will be looking for a forever home not too far from here.

Would you, could you send an adoption application so we could meet and see if we click? I am really an easy going dog, even if I look stern, and I would love to put my litte paws onto you lap and look deep into your eyes. I never stop looking straight at you!  Without blinking. Trying to read your mind.


Please click here to send an adoption application



The real me when nobody is looking!