2005 already!

2004 :Mom made us pose again for the annual Christmas card. I try to sit like a lady but Bandit can never sit long enough.. Everything is going well. I can't believe I have been here almost four years. It seems like yesterday that mom came and got me. Next week we are going to see Santa and get our picture taken -again.... I am going to tell Santa for Christmas I hope every dog and cat that needs a home gets one.
Got to go its almost time to go for our walk.

 Me and Scooby Doo at the third annual dog walk for FOWA 2004

Vermont Summer 2004

Christmas 2003

Shelby and Bandit at a  dog walk for FOWA Animal Shelter

Bandit and me -Now Shelby!

Going Home!

I am called Georgette, but you can call be George.  Or Molly or any name you like.  Maybe you knew a dog who looks like me. I am a mix of several breeds: some kind of terrier (my ears) - maybe a Manchester Terrier. The shelter thought I was a shephard mix. What else? 
I am 6 months old.  Was taken to a big shelter. Kid was allergic to me. I waited for quite a while at the shelter, but nobody wanted to adopt a pup who looks like me. Why not? Do I look like trouble?
I am really an easy dog, very predictable, not a mean bone, no baggage. Roll on my back for a belly rub. Come running when called (any name will do).
So I am 6 months old. Weigh 25 lbs. Will be a medium sized dog when grown up. Have been fixed already. Ready for a permanent home.
Get along with all dogs!

Here is my e-mail:

see my wagging tail?