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Christmas 2006

Mia (Shy Hanna) is doing great.



Shy Hanna  is in foster care in Upstate New York

This photo  saved my life.  I was the only one of 17 dogs who our "owner" took to an Ohio shelter who survived. The call to save me came in hours before I was scheduled to go into the gas chamber like two of my brothers did that day. Two days later I was on my way to New York. 

I was so shy I had to be carried into the house.  However I really should ask for a new name, maybe Cheyenne, because I am not shy at all!  Actually when it comes to food, I can be quite vocal, maybe  food was not abundant where I grew up. 

I bond easily with other dogs, and I am respectful and submissive with people, yes, even obedient mot of the time. Cats have nothing to worry.

I can run like the wind,  around and around in big circles like a herding dog. I was told I am agility material! 

What breed? A muted collie, little bit of Blue Heeler maybe. My brothers were said to look like Blue Heelers.  I weigh about 30 lb and I am petite. I am around 18 months now and fully grown. Crate trained and house trained. Walk well on leash. 

If you like Shelties and Collies, you'll love me!


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This was the shelter photo that saved my life..