As promised, here are some photos of our handsome fella. His new name is Blue. He is very happy in his forever home. He is enjoying the yard and all its smells. He loves to play with his best golden retriever friend Bindi, next door. And best of all, he loves to greet us each morning with his smiles.


Going Home..


My new name is  "Whistler".  Because recently I have learned to whistle.  So well that one looks around to find the Minah bird.  I also sing up and down the scale, but mostly I whistle. I whistle when I am bored. I do need work, even if it's play! 

Before I was named  Smiley, because I cannot help smiling when someone talks to me, especially when someone makes faces and tries to get me to smile. Then I get smile attacks! 

I am a Blue Heeler, a Herding Dog, also called Australian Cattle Dog. I ended up in a crowded shelter in South Carolina, and I dazzled the staff with my smile. So although I am not really good looking - at least in the common sense - I was saved from early death and sent "North". I look functional and ready for work! Any work, not only herding. Us Heelers are known for our brains. Just for fun look at this video of a Heeler who made Oprah: Skidboot

I am about 2 years old, healthy (no heartworms). And so far I have not had any "accidents" indoors if you get my drift. I like to get "into things" though, so not a good idea to leave me at home alone.



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