ADOPTED, off to New Hampshire!!


Got away by the hair on my teeth! I was found right by a Police Station, and when an officer tried to fetch me I bit him. Oh dear. He was nevertheless nice enough to drop  me off at the shelter. I guess he figured that I was scared out of my wits. And I was, and do get scared easily, but instead of freezing in a corner I let it be known with a loud terrier voice that I am NOT all that scared, even if I am only a small scruffy dog. But I cannot help shaking all over.When I am not scared like now in this here foster home, I am a most affectionate little guy! I give kisses, sit on command and take treats gently. And - I love water, specifically water coming from a garden hose! I am chasing it with a passion.I am all ready to find a really good home now, a dyed in the wool terrier lover please!! I am said to be 5 years old, maybe even 6,  healthy, hw negative, fixed and had enough shots to last for the next 10 years!  If you know terriers then you know that we don't grow up until we reach the age of 8.Because if have a "record" - of biting that is - I cannot go to a home where little kids  might want to play with me before I know them well. 

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This was at the shelter: