Snow! Did not have snow where I grew up in  South Carolina! 


Me afraid of a ..Cow?! or is it a ..Cat?




My name is Sophie. I was a "Mama Dog"  - that is what the South Carolina shelter rescuers lovingly call us when we are dumped shortly after having nursed a litter of puppies.  One of many in my case.  
I am a sturdy dog, some people around here call us "Cow Dogs"  - athletes, not ballerinas like some of my agility obsessed Border Collie relatives.. So, although I could stand to loose a few pounds, I don't think I was designed with Twiggy in mind.

Hard to keep me from chasing a cat when I spot one outdoors.  Not sure what I might do should I get close to one. Maybe just chase it.  But they do intrigue me!  
I hope to find my forever home some day. Some running or long walks. Dog bed or large crate, don't mind a spot on a couch either. 
I am watchful, and will alert you about suspicious activity in the neighborhood.  However now that I am familiar with the routine happenings around here, I am actually very quiet and only occasionally will sound a short (and appropriate) alarm.  My favorite spot is the "director's chair" near the back door from where I can survey the property.

 Like all herding dogs I need lots of activity, physical and mental.   But then, not being a pup but somewhere around 3-4 years old, I don't mind quiet time at all.
Of course I have had my "fixing" done and I am up to snuff with vaccine. You could take me home!

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