My name goes with my enigmatic personality: Cautious, approaching slowly, even shy. Sudden abrupt movements send me flying to a safe place. But when it comes to food I quickly drop my caution and slowly follow the scent.. So much so that I cannot be trusted off leash out back when I get a whiff of food from a neighborhood kitchen window.  I am a foodie! I hear this is common in ex strays who have grown up hungry, in search of food.. 

I was cast away, living in a neighborhood near Goldsboro NC.  Until I was caught and taken to the shelter. The ACO at the shelter saved my life.

I am a perfect companion. I learn fast, do anything for praise and a treat. Watchful and will bark when alarmed, but not excessively.  I get along wonderfully with other dogs, any kind! Actually I function as peacemaker should there be a squabble, by remaining calm and unaffected by the excitement.

I am now here on the web, not because I have to leave, but because there might just be someone searching for a dog like me and I would be the match. There is a person for every dog and a dog for every person, just needs a little luck and matchmakers..


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