Lola, modeling her polar- fleece jacket, wanted you to know that she has finally trained us to her satisfaction so that she is now allowed on the sofas and beds. (Well, she is not allowed to sleep with us at night....) She has also given up her crate, after about two years, and chooses to  slumber in the living room on the leather sofa in front of the  woodstove. Lola is extremely fond of her toys, and usually takes a  few out of her toy box following breakfast, to rip apart. She enjoys  riding in Harold's red truck, and gets really depressed if left  alone, so generally she accompanies us on errands. She also  tolerated the adoption of yet another cat in March. Alfie is now one  of Lola's special friends, and they often relax together in front of 
the tv.



Thinking about it....

Yes, I did bite that Jack Russell at the dog park. And yes, I got banned from the dog park AND from the Doggie Daycare!




I am back in terrier bootcamp. With a new name, Tallulah.  My previous name was Ireland. I had come from North Carolina in spring. When you have finished reading my curriculum here, look up "Tallulah" on the web. Femme Fatale. Actress with many faces. Temperamental. Smart.  Lately I have listened to Loa, it's a shorter name and I like it!

I had to leave my adoptive home in Brooklyn after 6 months because I got into so much trouble with other dogs that I was BANNED from the dog park and BANNED from the DoggieDay Care. No place to go during the day.

Big male dogs especially were irritating. Then I got into a bad fight with a Jack Russel terrier, which I started!. I used to take their toys and run, then drop them some place.  I just wanted  to show off that I could take them away.

I also had some nasty unprovoqued biting encounters with family members.  Not my owner! I adored her and was even protective of her. I learned to sit and stay and other neat things.  But because of my unpredictable manners with other folks and other dogs I had to come back here.

Now here I have been behaving really well.  But that does NOT mean that I have changed. I am definitely not just a cute,sweet,fluffy small shaggy dog (25 lbs).  I would not be able to go to a family with children or to a busy home with many people coming and going. I would need lots of exercise, preferable in a large fenced yard. And I am not a city dog for all the above reasons. I would love to go hiking with my owner(s)! I love to run, and never run very far and come back when called. Once in a while I extend my circle and take my time coming back, but I am not a "runner".

I am abut 2 years old, healthy, small but with long legs. My lineage is still unclear, a poodle seems to be in my genes, maybe a Border Collie,too? As a matter of fact, I hear I may be Portuguese Water dog. S ure look like one, and have the mind of one.  So if you need a dog to herd the fish in your lake or to retrieve the fish net when you are out on the boat, here I am!

I am affectionate and and a leaner and love to put my paws up to your chest and schmooze. 

So you see that I have many facets.  Now you can think about it . .  (and go look up the real Tallulah!)

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