Still thin and lanky from growing. Curious and trusting.  He narrowly escaped a cruel fate - being dispatched by carbon monoxyde. His tail wags non stop when he gets attention from a humand or sees another dog. He is ready for a good home - healthy,heartworm negative, had all his vaccinations and has been neutered. He is very neat in his crate and most likely quite housetrained,too, He is a wirehaired fellow, definitely part terrier, possibly an Aussie might have contributed his fancy tweed coat,described as muted gray brindle.  He   might still grow some, is under 20 lbs now.  Sure hope he did not get his big feet from an Irish Wolf hound - not an uncommon mix in the South. Whatever his genes,  he is a unique mix, and most of all, a dog with a mellow,sweet personality. A family dog, or a dog for weekends up on the trail or out iin the dunes.

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