Now known as MOCHA!

Where is the dog?


I am now called Timber. Just thankful my new name is not Woody. Although I do look woodsy.I was a stray on West 93rd Street in M anhattan late March.  I have been at the CACC in Manhattan for over 3 weeks. Someone must have liked me..   I am calm, relaxed, but you can tell when I am depressed. When I am scared I just hang my head to the floor. When I am happy I am quietly happy.
I have a rough coat, Schnauzer cut, but does not need trimming. Low maintenance dog, and my versatile Armani tweed coat has shades ranging from gray to mocca and  would fit any decor. I would also be called a large dog, 50 lbs, and I am a bit underweight right now. I am a terrier, but nobody knows what kind of terrier. I most certainly am not a hunting terrier. Love other dogs and would not hurt a fly. I have no baggage as far as not trusting people. If I were to be adopted by a family with kids it would take me only 5 minutes to unpack and feel right at home.
Have been fixed already. And I am very housebroken! I am about a year old, all white teeth. Bright hazel eyes and bushy tail. And walk on a leash calmly. What else can anyone ask from a dog?

So if you know of someone who is looking for a dog just like me... please send me an email: