12 years ago I adopted Topper from your rescue group.

Hes now 13 and still doing okay. He has trouble with his back legs, but other than that hes going strong!

I thought Id let you know what an absolute treasure and pal hes been all these years. Thank you for rescuing him and providing my other half and I with such joy for so many years.


Topper - 8 years later:

I just wanted to say that Topper (Mc Twead!) is still with us and doing great after 8 years having him. Hes the best little friend ever. What a blessing.




Mc Tweed is a dog with many facets, but without any baggage. He is  sweet and submissive, and actually un-terrier like. Still he does have a terrier look - click here to see his photo before a haircut .  He has a permanent Schnauzer haircut, no need for frequent trips to Groomingdales. He does shed, yes, needs to be brushed.  And his body - deep chest, long legs, thin even when well fed - suggests a relative in the hound family, many generations removed though.  An Aussie is another possible distant relative. 
He is calm, does not bark at all nor howl, is tolerant of even the most obnoxious dog.  Since arriving here from Georgia - where he almost perished due to an overabundance of adoptable dogs - he has become more focused, and he starts to listen to his name when called. Not much is known about his background, but abuse is not part of it.  Excessive training neither, his walking is still erratic,too (why walk a straight line when I can explore much better with lateral excursions). Howver McTweed is eager to please and can learn anything in a short time. He is smart.
Mctweed is healthy, neutered, up to snuff on everything.

Email: McTweed@rescueadopt.com


McTweed - before.