It is really me! Now do I look like a PGVB?

Starting a new life today!
UPDATE: Tuffy was taken to his new vet. He diagnosed HYPOTHYROIDISM -common in dogs!
Tuffy is a new dog!





I am called Tuffy - like Tough. Maybe because I am not a pushover. I am very friendly and may seem to be very obedient, but still I always end up doing what I want to do, like sleeping in the chair rather than in my crate. I am pretty housetrained by now, so no big deal if I manage to slip out of the crate and settle down on a cozy blanket in the chair. Also, half of my skin is really tough, and no hair grows there. It is the skin on my underbelly and my front upt to the chin, and part of my legs Vet says it is because I had chronic dermatitis, (NOT mange) maybe way back because of flea allergy. It is not food, because now I am not scratching, but it is too late, no hair will ever grow there..
But I have a lot of golden long wavy hair on the rest of my body. Because I was a stray and rather dirty I got a clip when I first arrived. It is growing back nicely.
I am a little guy, weigh about 18 lbs. Love to eat, get along with just about anybody.
Fixed,vaccinated and all.
I walk off leash and listen to just about any name.
Breed: nobody has a clue. A true muttley. Maybe a Tuffshire Terrier. 
Age: my teeth are white and in good shape. Judged by my teeth  I could not be more than 2 years old.

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Are we done yet, please I want to go back inside!



These are photos from when  first came here: I had already gotten a face trim, but the body coat was still long.