Ugo is delightful,very smart,  Affectionate and still very playful, always ready for a game.  Ugo is  3-4  years old by vet estimate. He is healthy, hw negative, up to date on all vaccination and altered.
He looks like part Cattle dog , but does not have a pronounced herding instinct. just loves to run and have fun, and then is happy to be indoors for some R&R. And food!
When called he comes running like a whistle.
Ugo was rescued along with his buddies from a high kill shelter in Georgia
Please read about the Southern  Rescue Effort - click here. 
In spite of his  unusual and unique looks  and  endearing personality - called Smiley by his GA rescuers - he was out of luck, no chance to be adopted with an abundance of adoptable puppies at all times.  So now, after a long journey North - he is waiting until his person finds him in cyberspace. They will know right away that Ugo is their man when they see him. There is a person for every dog, and a dog for every person, just a matter of time, and time is not always on us dog's side...
Belly Rub Please!

In Georgia at the pound