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Whisper is a name that fits me to the i.  I am a consumate couch potatoe, a leaner and a  schmoozer . But then again, I love to play, I have several pet bones and also a pet shoe (arrghh, I won). Give me a spot near you and I am in heaven. I do not mind waiting either, actually I am rarely ever heard if you think maybe I have "Separation Anxiety". Nah, I am so calm, sometimes you have to look twice because I look like a BIG STUFFED BABY DOLL! And yes, I am not small, and not really big, somewhere between medium and large, around 35 -40 bs.

     What breed.... they are STILL guessing. Lately even a  Border Collie ancestor has come up, besides of course an Irish Wolfhound shrunk to a manageable size, a rare type of shephard.  I have a laid back herding dog personality. Of course I have that shaggy Briard look , too.  Universal one-dog-fits-all breed. 

     I love everyone, people, dogs (no, I am NOT afraid of men at all, I roll right on my back for anyone who pays attention to me).  Only CATS, I cannot figure them out, I am fatally atttracted to and fascinated by CATS. I don't understand CATS. One of them, a tough old bird,  dances all over me. I want to pet her and examine her, but she is so fast and spiteful, so I have given up on ever examining one close up.
Enough Blarn. I am looking for a permanent home. I am growing roots in this here fosterhome!
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Arrgh. I am uncovered. My breed mix is no longer so obscure. I am giving it away:
I HOWL like a Husky
I behave like a Shephard dog, German or otherwise. And my EARS
I shed like a Chow, or maybe a Husky, but my coat is  silky woolly and blonde like a gorgeous Chow



Packing, will travel soon! Thank you Linda, Crystal, Tracy,Kali and Dale .......  ROGER!


Who is afraid of MEN??
Whisper was adopted from the Lenoir County SPCA last month, but was returned, because "Whisper does not like men" - meaning probably - IS AFRAID of men. A curable condition as many dog lovers know well. Actually, as it turns out, Whisper was "spooked" by the adoptive familie's teenage son, she was scared, but she did NOT bite, just  defensive behaviour in a scared dog who had just been adopted within the month, after having been impounded as a stray... 
Whisper is a large dog, weighs about 60 lbs and is still very lean. XCUSE ME!   A mere 35 - 40 lbs is what I weigh! MEDIUM, and THIN.
She probably is an IRISH WOLF HOUND mix..
She is now again in a very crowded shelter and has hardly ANY time to find a new home, or a recue/fosterhome to take her into safety. What she also needs is someone to give her a safe RIDE North from NC. SEE ABOVE!
She is spayed, up to date on vaccine, and healthy.

See you soon!



Recent photos - April 2005
 Her shelter photo.