HARRY is my name.

Don't know why I am called Whistler. But more dignified than "Squeeekie" or "Squeakie" like my owner called me. So now I am trying out names, because Whistler is only a temporary screen name ( beats having an intake number). How about  S-Mickie?  Slicky!  Then next : Smittie!  And gradually you can switch me over to : Elvis. Or Ringo. Or Barney or ... Mac Duffy.
My owner  became ill, and me and my 2 buddies ended up in the shelter.  I am around 3 years old, just out of puppyhood, and have good indoor manners and get along with everyone.   What breed?  My owner said that I am a "mixed breed". Mix of what? Maybe  Beardie?  Or a Wheatie? Or a Tibbie? I weigh 35 lbs  and don't know how high I am at the withers, or is it hithers?  Temperament? Yeah, I have a bit of that, like sometimes I have that chip on my shoulder,  but it only stays for a second, like a brief flare.  When I get angry I have that "attitude".  So I am not for little kids, if you know what I mean... Oh, yes, I was fixed. I got a puppy haircut, although was not Groomingdales. Scroll down and you can see how I will look once my wool grows back by next winter.
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