Hoping !

Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Layla that I took yesterday. She has adapted well, and is a full fledged member of the family. We did not have any of the problems that we were worried about, concerning our other dog, Cosmo. They have chased each other in our yard and throughout the house. Layla has her own "bed" that she loves to lie on when we are all sitting around. And she has happily adapted to two meals a day.  We all love her. 



Cookie Monster



Need for Speed!



Today I picked a new name! Willow did not do anything for me, I would not even turn my head for it. Then today  someone called me "Bouv" -like in Bouvier, and I wagged my bushy tail and came right over! So my new name is BUFFY.   

My color scheme is rather monochromatic  - who needs color, I could star in an old classic movie!  I have an unusual hair-do: Long billowing tail carried proudly like a flag.  My tongue has an ever so slight violet hue that I got from a chow ancestor. But I also have components of another breed, long legs, floppy ears and a playful easygoing terrier personality. Ha, finally someone figured out what my breed mix is! Probably - Bouvier and Chow!  I have the compact athletic body of a Bouvier  (described as a little "Ox" , and the wavy dense coat and undercoat, the long legs, and most of all the whimsical playful good natured Bouve personality. Add that to my Chow loyalty, and you have a dog suited for just any life- calm when needed, even couch potato potential, or high energy if appropriate.  I adjust! But given a choice, I would love space and room to run safely. And stay away from very young children, like the "rug rat" types.

I ended up in a shelter in North Carolina as a stray, and was saved from an early death by a local Rescue Organization and fostered. But then my foster dad had to leave for the Army, and nobody had fallen in love with my personality and colors yet and adopted me. So I traveled North and here I am, all dolled up and ready for a great home! I am well behaved, house trained, get along with other dogs and would not hurt a cat but do it the favor if it wants to be chased.  I am  still a pup under 2 years old. 

So will you?


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I was wearing a slightly different hairdo when I first came here