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Alix  is in foster care in Upstate New York

Do you think I look melancholic on these photos? Or even indifferent?  I am just not photogenic, I think. When not eyed by a camera I am lively and quick as a wizard! I jump on laps if permitted (not too often the case) and I show off jumping in and out of my 1st story crate just to let them know that I am agility material!  I am obedient,too, and smart if I may say so myself, learned my new name in a day. I also have another name,. like a stage name - it's "Winn Dixie", and I listen to that,too. I was discovered by a NC rescuer in a remote rural Animal Control pound where the sun does not shine, it's right next to the dump, and almost all of the unlucky dogs and cats go straight next door after dying in a gas chamber..... I do thank Michele for my life.

Although I am happy in this here "bootcamp"  - I am already looking for a position as family dog, maybe even agility dog!

I may be too vivacious for little kids, the ones under 10 years or so. I love other dogs. However I am not a pushover if another dogs tries to pick a fight if you know what I mean..  Cats - what cats? I am quite housetrained, and I walk well on leash.

I weigh about 25 lbs, and my age is estimated at around 3 - young adult.  

What breed? Terrier - all wiry coat, but not the type that just keeps growing and needs to be mowed every few weeks. On the other hand I am probably not hypoallergenic, I have a coat, not hair. Some people think I might have a West Highland Terrier in the mix. I think I am just a plain Roughcoated North Carolina Mountain Terrier, bred for no  particular purpose, just for fun and the joy of being alive, jumping and running fast.

If that sounds like the dog you are looking for,  put on your snow boots and come Upstate - but first please send them an adoption application - link is below.

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The little old Pomeranian in the coat was also rescued. And the two pups,too.

These were not ...