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Stretching out after a long walk - on his own futon!

ADOPTED  - Going North!


Update 3-16-07  I am as good as new! Sailed through the heartworm treatments, and on the way gained a few pounds. I am a lot more playful and now, after almost 5 weeks, I am finally allowed to play again. I am still a laid back fellaw though, and keep my cool even when all the terriers here stage a mutiny,or their late afternoon howling contest. I am back on the web because I am getting ready to look for a good home! 

January 2007: I am Wolfie. I was born in South Carolina, in the Myrtle Beach area.  Not much is known about me, I was dumped at a small dog pound, probably because my owners found out that I am heart worm positive.  
A few days ago I went on a long ride along the East coast, with an overnight stop in Baltimore, changing from one wonderful volunteer driver to the another, until I arrived in this here fosterhome. Of course being a smart dog, I was quite shy at first, and had to be carried into the house. But it took only a day or so and now my tail is up in the air, and I am happy. 
Yesterday I went to the vet, actually inside the vet's office I slid more than walked, all the while wagging my tail. I think I like that form of locomotion, it is like roller skating for dogs.  Vet said I am young and healthy enough to go through the heart worm treatments in 2 weeks or so, first I have to take pills every day to take care of some parasite that lives in the heartworm, called Wolbachia (like Wolfie). And Wolbachia may cause many of the side effects when it dies en masse along with the heartworm. So once they are gone, the treatment will be much less dangerous.
So I am not ready to be adopted yet, but I figure, might just as well give you a heads up, so you can procrastinate and think about wether you might want to adopt me..
I am an open book, what you see is what you get. I extend my paw, and my tail wags non stop. I am calm, like big dogs often are. I actually like my large crate!
Love all the dogs here, and they seem to like me ,too, although I am not even fixed yet, has to wait until I am heart worm free. Vet thinks I am under 2 years old.
I am very neat and not a territorial marker if you get my drift.
My breed? Large, 62 lbs, wiry coat that does shed just a little, mostly over my "trousers",  and does not grow beyond a certain length. I have the Irish Wolfhound look, but a few sizes smaller.  My tongue has a violet hue, so maybe I am an Iriwh Wolfhound-Chow mix!!!! A Wow!
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Wolfie is in fostercare in NY State




Back in January when I first came here.


This is one of the permanent dogs here, Methusalem going on 15.











Thanks to the dedicated Shelter Staff and SC Rescuers and many Volunteer Drivers I was saved and sent North!