Dewey, a  talented Retriever

In the dog house - Dewey ate the pumpkin...

No Dewey, this is not a stuffed one

The Red Baron in training


Vacation in Maine 2010




Adopted, Woody of Vermont




Woodruff is in foster care in Upstate New York

 I may be a "Bully Breed", but I am anything but a "bully". I do love to play, but have learned to enjoy the calmer side of life, too. I walk well on leash now!  I still like to grab it and try to play tug of war, but when there is no pull on the other side of the leash, I immediately find something else "fun to do". I don't think I would ever run away if I were to be taken for a mile of two of hiking through the woods!  I like to stay close to people.  I am not into chasing, but rather I am people oriented, and I also am fond of other dogs.  Click here to see my best friend, We play endlessly. 
I am laid back. Give me a spot outside under a tree, with a good view, and I sit there and contemplate for an hour or more!  I might sniff out something in the ground and start digging a bit, but then I get distracted by a bird, and settle down again watching the world. I rarely bark. 
I was taken off death row in a big shelter. 18 months old by estimate of a vet and of course had that fix done and was a really good dog at the vet's office.  Now I am patiently waiting until my person sees me on the web!  And takes me home.

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PLEASE READ and watch The Pitbull Myth

PS: Of course I am house and crate trained to the max, and have had that fix done. Up to snuff on all shots, and no worms of any kind.