Yogi - May 2003!
Adopted! Gone Home!

My name is Yogi. But you can call me Elmer, or Hugo or Woody  or Homer, or any name you like. I hang around your feet wether you call me or not. I am an attach dog! 
4 months old, and they already fixed me! So now I am waiting to be adopted by a human who can keep me forever. Because my previous owner could not.. 
I weigh 20 lbs, will be a medium sized dogwhen done growing. 
I am a neat dog,too, stay in my crate without much protest, and right now while it is cold I prefer indoors to outdoors, would make a good couch potato if I had to. Smart,trainable I hear. 
Agility material. Submissive, get along with everybody. 

Are you looking for that kind of dog?