Alf (for Alpha!) aka Yves restored to his original state. His patient and experienced new owners 
undid the consequences of neglect and  abuse by his previous owner(s). 
Although he had basic training and was fiercely housebroken and used to leash walking, 
he turned his head,growled and showed his teeth initially  when someone just tried to put a collar 
around his neck.
He had been dumped at the CACC  (reason: landlord..) , a dirty, unhappy,defensive grey sheep, 
who by sheer luck was seen and rescued. Because of his "nasty" personality and attempt to bite the vet and handler he could not even have been given to rescue. 
Today he is the love of his owners, and he looks it.


Alf visiting his old bootcamp.


Checking out the old landmarks - gotta find that tree!

Yves -  an Old English ?Poodle ? Bedlington Mix - 2-3 years old now - had been turned into the CACC by his owners in 7/99. He was not happy nor friendly, had to be muzzled and the CACC vet could not examine him, and he made it out alive by a streak of luck.
He resented restraints, and he bit a groomer who tried to muzzle him, and had to be shaved down while under for his neutering surgery. Otherwise he became a playful, charming and smart camper here, but no luck with being adopted because of his dislike for restraint - not for the faint hearted.  But after almost a year he was not exactly the happiest camper either.  Until Carol and  found him....
That is him up there!!