My head has a  "crumpled" look, maybe I was squashed at birth, but it does not bother me or affect my brain. I am told I am one of the smartest dogs here. AND the most affectionate. I must have been someone's dog, but ended up in a South Carolina shelter, scared.  No outlook at getting adopted there, and the only reason I am here now is that my photo was sent to rescue groups, and literally at the last moment  I made it out alive! I am a happy dog!

Because I cannot see with my left eye, my walk tends to be cautious, I often turn my head to get a better view of the left perimeter. 

My breed? Is still in question. I am delicately built, lighter and smaller than most Border Collies and  Aussies. About 40 lbs of me.  I have a long feathery tail. Maybe I was the runt of the litter.  But that does not keep me from running like a gazelle! I love to run, and run in circles like any herding dog.  But please don't ask me to do any serious herding work.. I would much rather be a full time pet, with couch privileges.. or at least allowed to stretch out at my owners' feet. 

I like the outdoors when it's not cold, but when it rains or snows I limit my outdoor business to a minimum and come right back onto the covered porch. From there I watch the birds and the neighborhood in general for a while. However you need to keep an eye on me, I know exactly when you DON't look, and have used such brief attention gaps to explore the wider neighborhood. Would probably come back on my own, but definitely race back right away when I am found out and called back.

I am 4 -5 years old now, and although I am not a "Special Needs" dog, I am nevertheless a rather uniquely looking dog. People wonder if I can eat and chew. Yes, I can eat anything, but I had a molar pulled already. Because my teeth do not fully align, the normal cleaning process by saliva does not include the front teeth, they need to be cleaned often. But that and the fact that I don't have stereo vision is the only difference between me and a dog who started life as the top dog, not the runt. I enjoy life and running and being in the company of people who appreciate a smart dog! 

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